July 29 – 2016


Copenhagen Skatepark
Friday July 29


Copenhagen Skatepark and the area around is transformed to a microcosmos of art, design and technology. The location is close to public transportation and the nearest station is Carlsberg Station.




Trailerpark I/O is a one day event during Trailerpark Festival, a spectacular three-day music, arts and technology festival situated in the heart of Copenhagen. The festival seeks out and presents the best talents from a wide range of creative subcultures combined with 30 live concerts, local and international DJ’s, and a festival area unlike anywhere else.  

Each year Trailerpark Festival presents a lineup of great contemporary artists who transform the entire festival area with unique artworks that are produced especially for the festival. Expressions of all kinds are showcased on the grounds – from installations and art murals to performance arts and mind-blowing light design.

This year it's the 10 year anniversary of Trailerpark Festival. A perfect reason to join for the first time.




Sure, Noma may be closing at the end of the year, but Copenhagen’s dynamism extends way beyond the food world’s most famous restaurant. The Danish capital is as beloved for its New Nordic cuisine as it is for an increasingly lively contemporary art and design scene.

With an abundance of greenery, a compact size that allows for biking everywhere and beautifully preserved 17th and 18th century architecture – not to mention some of the best coffee in Europe – it is no wonder Copenhagen natives are known as some of the happiest people in the world.

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